How to Write a Winning College Application Essay

| September 30, 2016

Many students shun from writing college application essay because of fear of failure. When writing an essay, you need to demonstrate your character and creativity. The admission committee already knows how you have been performing in school since they have copies of your honors and diplomas. You need to show that there is so much about you other than the achievements they see on your papers. Here are a few tips to help you write a great essay that will be accepted in the school you are applying to:

college application essay

Choose a good topic for your college application essay

Although you can write about almost anything, it is important that you choose your topic carefully for easy writing and research.  You want to tell a great story that describes your personality and demonstrates your qualities. Don’t worry if you can’t think of something creative or appropriate right away. You may want to talk to a close friend or anyone who knows you well and discuss with them all the ideas you want to include in your essay. Getting help from people who know you can help you write a great essay in an exciting and original way.

Use a personal tone

The first thing that you should know before writing your college application essay is that it should be different from others. You want to stand out from all the other applicants. You are the main topic here. Write the essay as if you were talking to a close friend. Use the simplest language to convey your ideas. The admission committee will be able to tell who you are by simply looking at the words you use, the length of your sentences and the words you use. Avoid using long words and instead bring out your personality in the essay.

You are not writing an argument essay

You don’t need to prove anything to the admission committee. Don’t write an argument essay; instead focus on your story. Let how you put across your ideas and your experience be your supporting evidence to what you are trying to say. The admission committee will have their own idea of who you are; therefore, you don’t want to force them to see what isn’t there. Only evoke true emotions and show what kind of personal you are.

Don’t lie

To write a memorable story, it doesn’t need to be highly improbable or unreal. The admission committee will not be looking for an extraordinary event that happened in your life, but the influence that something or someone created in your life that resulted in your uniqueness. Don’t think of some fake dreams or hobbies you have and write them in your essay. If you don’t know what you want to do in the future, you don’t have to worry. All you need to do is write what you mean.

You will also need to add something extra. Once you have finished proofreading and editing, think of something that you can add to make it more interesting and unique.

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