Please read carefully!! Watch the videos!!

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Answered: Please read carefully!! Watch the videos!! This week you read two articles and watched some video
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This week you read two articles and watched some videos that explain how gender is socially constructed and how that construction contributes to social inequities. Choose two examples or aha moments from this week’s course work that helped deepen your understanding of how gender is a social construct, and how inequities on the basis of gender expression operate in society. As you post your examples (remember you need two!) use direct quotes or summaries (be sure to include page number), then explain why you choose this example. You may, for example, consider what you learned from their work? What was new? Affirming? Unsettling?

In your response choose one of the following approaches:

Thought: Tell us what your colleagues’ response made you think about? Did you agree? Disagree? Why or why not?

Question: Pose a question that came up for you as you read their work.

Epiphanies: As you read the response, did you have any aha moments? What did you learn from your colleague? Your response, as always, should be at least one paragraph.

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