Expert answer:7-8 page paper, APA style, double spaced and will address a problem facing contemporary American jurisprudence. The main source of information will come from Grudge Informers(attached). Also more detailed instuctions are attached.John Austin (attached) and Bramble Bush can be the additional writers


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Expert answer:8 page Research Paper Jurisprudence
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Essay Instructions
The final essay will be 7-8 pages, double-spaced, and will address a problem facing contemporary
American jurisprudence. The essay will consider the historical, philosophical, legal, and ethical questions
that face the Supreme Court today.
Specifically, here is more detail about the assignment:
The essay will be based off of the short thought-experiment “Grudge Informers” (also called “Purple
Shirts”), this text is posted to this module. Read only Grudge Informer, Border Guards will be assigned in
a later week.
You must choose a single argument from those presented by the deputies in Grudge Informers to
support while refuting all others.
In your argument, you must choose three authors from class readings to engage in discussion to support
your argument or provide the counter-argument. Two of these authors must be from reading
assignments before the midterm (our theorists).
I expect your argument to engage with the readings on a deep level. Do not draft your opinion and then
pepper textual support throughout. I need to see that these authors have influenced your argument
from start to finish.

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