Expert answer:Our class went on a trip to a museum and we had to pick an object to write our papers about. The object i picked was a quranic manuscript. Half of this paper should talk about the object: – personal description and why I picked it. – art and history background. ( because this object is so specific and it was found in a small museum, the art and history abound be about similar more famous objects, so in this case more famous quranic manuscripts and their history)Second part of the essay should be about:- The scientific methods (2-3) that were used to study these kind of objects and adequate explanation of each. (preferably peer reviewed journal articles) (Here you could talk about the conservation process or the dating process or the restoration process or even excavation process. The more the merrier.) I will be graded on the following: – Introduction. – Main Body – Conclusion – references- Number of words- Grammar and clarity. – Respecting rules required for essay ( should be written in Calibri 12, with 1.5 spacing between lines, 1” all margins, and text alignment should be Justify.The total number of words should be 2000 (±200) not including the references. The references should be formatted in the style of Journal of American Chemical Society) —————————————There is a sample paper that my friend wrote on a different object that scored an A, if you want to look at it. Should help with writing the paper.

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