Hower, Dennis, Wills, Trusts, and Estate Administration , Thomson Delmar Learning, Seventh Edition. This is the textbook being used. Must cite after each answer. Due 2/12/17 6 pmAlthough states vary in whether or not holographic wills are recognized as valid, what are some of the requirements or characteristics states generally examine if such wills are considered? (DEFINE A HOLOGRAPHIC WILL FIRST, THEN ANSWER THE QUESTION).Explain the process of abatement and how it effects the distribution of legacies and devises according to the testator’s will.Explain the term “per stirpes” and how it differs from “per capita” distribution in intestate succession and give an example of each.Explain the inheritance rights of a surviving spouse.(I DO NOT WANT A DISCUSSION OF INTESTATE LAW AS WE DID IN THE DISCUSSION FORUM; RATHER, A DISCUSSION OF WHAT IS IN THE LECTURE AND READING–THINK CLASS, WHAT RECOURSE DOES A SURVIVING SPOUSE HAVE WHEN HIS/HER SPOUSE DIES AND THERE IS A WILL AND SPOUSE NOT HAPPY WITH THE PROVISIONS?)

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